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Toso Corp Group is one of the leading business houses providing solution to Electronic and Print Media, Rural Power, Ayurvedic Medicinal Herbs and Handicraft Product for the last 15 Years.

KANHA HANDICRAFTS is one of Indian’s leading supplier and exporters of Mirrors, Mirrored Furniture and Handicrafts to countries right across the globe.

In today market dynamics, change is a reality. For, never before, the market demands better quality, more focused and customized services and fast changing specifications to meet rapidly changing needs. That is why it is imperative to gear ourselves up to successfully manage change. Ever responsive, ever vigilant and all systems in place to service this dynamic environment.

That is exactly what we have done at KANHA HANDICRAFT .Putting in place the most sophisticated plant and machinery from the best manufacturers in the world and skilled labour to provide best Indian Handicrafts. The most stringent quality control measures that ensure the highest international standards. This has earned us the converted ISO-9001-2000 certification and brought use close to achieving Zero defect. We source the best material from the leading vendors, and have set up a flexible system that enables us to meet the most diverse customer requirements. So that whatever be your need in terms of product, service or quality, we are perfectly equipped to deliver.



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